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MicroNutrient Testing/Functional Intracellular Analysis – Sprectracell Laboratories (assess your vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies on a cellular level). Visit www.spectracell.com.

 LPP Testing – Spectracell Labratories (Lipoprotein Particle Profile, advanced testing for cardiovascular risk). Visit www.spectracell.com.

 Food Intolerance Testing (ALCAT Test) – ALCAT Worldwide. Visit www.ALCAT.com.

NeuroScience – Neurobiomarker Testing. What is the status of your Nervous System? Visit www.neuroreleif.com.

 Daily Multiple Plus+


Cell Food Dietary Supplement

Formula 303

 JuicePlus+ Orchard Blend

 JuicePlus+ Garden Blend

Republic of Tea


Nordic Naturals

Medagenics – The only FDA approved medical food,  low glycemic index and detoxification therapy.